One after another they asked, "Lord, is it I?" {SJ 98.9}

Judas alone remained silent. This drew the eyes of all to him. When he saw that he was observed, he too asked, "Master, is it I?" And Jesus solemnly replied, "Thou hast said." Matthew 26:21, 22, 25. {SJ 99.1}

Jesus had washed the feet of Judas, but this had not caused him to love the Saviour more. He was angry that Christ should do a servant's work. Now he knew that Christ would not be made king, and he was the more determined to betray Him. {SJ 99.2}

When he saw that his purpose was known, even this did not cause him to fear. In anger he quickly left the room, and went away to carry out his wicked plan. The going of Judas was a relief to all present. The Saviour's Face Lighted, and at this the shadow was lifted from the disciples. {SJ 99.3}

Christ now talked for some time with His disciples. He was going to His Father's House, He said, to make a place ready for them, and He would come again to take them to Himself. {SJ 99.4}


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1. Please read John 13:21. In response to this verse, what did the disciples ask in Matthew 26:22?

2. What peer pressure did Judas experience? Do you ever commit sin because of peer pressure? (2 answers) Please ask God for His Strength (Philippians 4:13) to only do His Will.

3. Did Jesus wash Judas’ feet? What emotional response DID NOT occur? (2 answers total)

4. Why was Judas angry? Are you ever angry when such work is required from you? (2 answers total) Please ask Jesus for His Humility.

5. What did Judas “now” know, which ignited what purpose? Please determine in the Strength of Jesus to be faithful to Jesus at all times. (2 answers total)

6. In what emotional state and with what “plan” in mind, did Judas “quickly” leave “the room”? (2 answers total)

7. “The going of Judas” was what “to all present”? Does each person in a setting affect the atmosphere of that setting? (2 answers total) Please ask God to give you a Godly influence in every setting.

8. With “the going of Judas”, what happened to “the Saviour’s Face” and what was the response from the disciples? How does a Godly attitude affect people? (3 answers total) Please cast your unChristlike self upon Jesus.

9. Where was Jesus “going” to do what? Is Jesus doing this for you? (4 answers total) Please thank Jesus for His Tender unceasing Care for you.

10. What does this lesson mean to you personally, and how do you plan to apply to your life in the Strength of Jesus, what you learned from this lesson?

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