For an hour Christ bore this terrible suffering alone. Then He came to the disciples, hoping for some word of sympathy. But no sympathy awaited Him, for they were asleep. They awoke at the sound of His Voice, but they hardly knew Him, His face was so changed by anguish. Addressing Peter, He said: {SJ 103.1}

"Simon, do you sleep? Could you not watch one hour?" Mark 14:37. {SJ 103.2}

Just before He bent His footsteps to the garden, Christ had said to the disciples, "All you shall be offended because of Me this night." They had given Him the strongest assurance that they would go with Him to prison and to death. And poor, self-sufficient Peter had added, "Although all shall be offended, yet will not I." Mark 14:27, 29. {SJ 103.3}

But the disciples trusted to themselves. They did not look to the Mighty Helper as Christ had Counselled them to do.


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1. For how long did Christ bear what alone? (2 answers)

2. Why did Jesus come to His disciples? Did Jesus receive what He was seeking? Why? Do you think about offering Jesus comfort or do you always seek His Comfort? (4 answers total) Please ask Jesus for forgiveness for your failure to minister to His Needs.

3. When did “they awoke”? Have you had Spiritual Awakening because you heard the Voice of Jesus Speak to you through the Scripture? Please share how Jesus ministered to your heart need. (3 answers total)

4. When the 3 disciples “awoke” did they recognize Jesus? Why? (3 answers total)

5. What 2 questions did Jesus ask Peter? Might Jesus be asking you the same questions? Do you “sleep” or “watch”? (2 answers)

6. “Just before He bent His footsteps to the garden,” what had “Christ...said to the disciples”? Did what Jesus told them happen? (2 answers)

7. What “strongest assurance” had the disciples given to Jesus? Please ask Jesus for His Strength to be genuinely willing to do the same at all cost to honor Christ your Saviour and Lord.

8. What character defect was a downfall for Peter? Do you struggle with the same problem? (2 answers total) Please ask Jesus for His Strength to be totally surrendered to God, and submissive to His Will at all times.

9. In whom did the disciples trust?

10. What Counsel did Christ give them? Please ask God for His Strength to follow His Biblical Counsel at all times.

11. What does this lesson mean to you personally, and in the requested Strength of Jesus, how do you plan to apply to your life what you learned from this lesson?

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