But the disciples trusted to themselves. They did not look to the Mighty Helper as Christ had counselled them to do. So when the Saviour was most in need of their sympathy and prayers, they were found asleep. Even Peter was sleeping. {SJ 103.4}

And John, the loving disciple who had leaned upon the breast of Jesus, was asleep. Surely the love of John for his Master should have kept him awake. His earnest prayers should have mingled with those of his loved Saviour in the time of His great agony. The Redeemer had spent whole nights in praying for His disciples, that their faith might not fail in the hour of trial. Yet they could not remain awake with Him even one hour. {SJ 103.5}

Had Christ now asked James and John, "Can ye drink of the cup that I drink of, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?" they would not have answered so readily as they did before, "We can." Mark 10:38, 39. {SJ 103.6}

The Saviour's Heart was filled with pity and sympathy at the weakness of His disciples. He feared that they could not endure the test which His suffering and death would bring upon them. {SJ 104.1}

Yet He did not sternly reprove them for their weakness. He thought of the trials that were before them, and said: {SJ 104.2} "Watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation." {SJ 104.3}


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1. Who did the disciples trust? Do you have the same problem? (2 answers total)

2. What had Christ Counselled the disciples to do?

3. What 2 supports was “the Saviour...most in need”of at this time?

4. What were the disciples doing, instead of supporting Jesus? Are you in a spiritual fog, rather than supporting Jesus? (2 answers total) Please ask God to give you spiritual clarity and zeal to uphold your Saviour Jesus.

5. What should “have mingled with” what of the “loved Saviour”?

6. What was the Redeemer’s time schedule for prayer, and the content of His Prayers? Does Jesus pray this prayer for you? (3 answers total) Please pray this prayer with Him, and thank Him.

7. What 2 questions does Jesus ask in Mark 10:38? Jesus is asking these questions of you. How do you answer? (at least 3 answers total)

8. Since the disciples are sleeping, would they answer the questions of Jesus, as they did in Mark 10:39?

9. “The Saviour’s Heart was filled with” what (2 answers) “at” what? (3 answers total) Please know that Jesus feels that way toward you, and please thank Jesus for His Tender unceasing Care for you.

10. What did Jesus fear?

11. How did Jesus relate to the disciples’ “for their weakness”?

12. What did Jesus think and say? Does Jesus think and say the same in regard to you? (3 answers total) Please thank Jesus for His Self-sacrificing concern for you.

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