In the little town of Nazareth, nestled among the hills of Galilee, was the home of Joseph and Mary, who were afterward known as the earthly parents of Jesus. {SJ 13.1}

Now Joseph was of the lineage, or family, of David; and so, when a decree was sent out for the people to be taxed, he had to go to Bethlehem, the city of David, to have his name enrolled.  This was a toilsome journey, as people traveled in those times.  Mary, who went with her husband, was very weary as she climbed the hill on which Bethlehem stands. {SJ 13.2}

How she longed for a comfortable place in which to rest!  But the inns were already full.  The rich and proud were well cared for, while these humble travelers had to find rest in a rude building where cattle were sheltered. {SJ 13.3}

Joseph and Mary possessed little of earth’s riches, but they had the Love of God, and This made them rich in contentment and peace.  They were children of the heavenly King, Who was about to give them a wonderful honor. {SJ 13.4}

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1. Where was the home of Joseph and Mary?

2. As what were Joseph and Mary known?

3. Of what lineage or family was Joseph?

4. What decree was sent out for the people?

5. To what city did Joseph go to have his name enrolled?

6. What was the problem with the inns?

7. Who were well cared for?

8. Where did the humble travelers find rest?

9. What did Joseph and Mary possess?

10. What did they have? In what did this make them rich?

11. Whose children were they? Whose children are you (the same answer)?

12. What was the heavenly King about to give them?

13. What does this lesson mean to you personally?

14. In the requested Strength of Jesus, how do you plan to apply to your life what you learned from this lesson?

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