Angels had been watching them while they were on their journey, and when night came on, and they went to rest, they were not left alone.  Angels were still with them. {SJ 13.5}

There, in that lowly shed, Jesus the Saviour was born and laid in a manger.  In that rude cradle lay the Son of the Highest–He Whose Presence had filled the courts of Heaven with Glory. {SJ 15.1}

Before He came to the earth, Jesus was the Commander of the angel hosts.  The brightest and most exalted of the sons of the morning heralded His Glory at the creation.  They veiled their faces before Him as He sat upon His throne.  They cast their crowns at His Feet, and sang His Triumphs as they beheld His Greatness. {SJ 15.2}

Yet this Glorious Being Loved the poor sinner, and took upon Him the form of a servant, that He might suffer and die for us. {SJ 15.3}
Jesus might have remained at the Father’s Side, wearing the Kingly crown and the Royal robe; but for our sake He chose to exchange the riches of Heaven for the poverty of earth. {SJ 15.4}

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1. Who had been watching them while they were on their journey?

2. When they went to rest, were they left alone? Who was with them? (2 answers)

3. Where was Jesus born? Where was He laid?

4. Who was laid in that rude cradle?

5. What had His presence filled? With what? (2 answers)

6. Who was Jesus before He came to earth?

7. What did the brightest and most exalted of the sons of the morning do?

8. What did they do as He sat upon His throne?

9. What did they behold? In that same sentence what two things did they do in response to what they beheld?
(3 answers)

10. What 4 things did this Glorious Being do?

11. Where might Jesus have remained? What two things might He have worn? (3 answers)

12. What does this lesson mean to you personally?

13. In the requested Strength of Jesus, how do you plan to apply to your life what you learned from this lesson?

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