Jesus might have remained at the Father’s Side, wearing the Kingly crown and the Royal robe; but for our sake He chose to exchange the riches of Heaven for the poverty of earth.  {SJ 15.4}  He chose to leave His Station of high command, to leave the angels who loved Him.  The adoration of the heavenly throng He chose to exchange for mockery and abuse by wicked men.  From Love to us, He accepted a life of hardship and a death of shame. {SJ 15.5}

All this Christ did to show how much God Loves us.  He lived on earth to show how we may honor God by obedience to His Will.  He did this so that by following His Example we may at last dwell with Him in His heavenly home. {SJ 15.6}

The priests and rulers among the Jews were not ready to welcome Jesus.  They knew that the Saviour was soon to come, but they expected Him to be a mighty king who would make them rich and great.

They were too proud to think of the Messiah as being a helpless Child.  {SJ 15.7} So when Christ was born, God did not reveal it to them.  He sent the Glad News to some shepherds who kept their flocks on the hills around Bethlehem. {SJ 16.1}

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1. For our sake what did Jesus choose “to exchange” and “leave”? (4-5 answers)

2. What else did Jesus do "from Love to us"? (2 answers)

3. Why did Christ do "all this"?

4. Why did Jesus live on earth?

5. What example should we follow? Why? (2 answers)

6. What were the priests and rulers not ready to do?

7. What did the priests and rulers know? What did they expect the Saviour to be and do for them? (4 answers)

8. How were the priests and rulers "too proud"?

9. What did God not reveal to the priests and rulers?

10. Please read Proverbs 14:12. What is "the end" of "a way which seems right to a man," but is wrong? According to John 8:31-32 and 36, what does living by the Truth of God’s Word do for you? (2-3 answers) Please pray that God replaces all false ways in your life with His Biblical Truth.

11. What does this lesson mean to you personally?

12. In the requested Strength of Jesus, how do you plan to apply to your life what you learned from this lesson?

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